A New Board Saves The Day!
- Community Rallies and Volunteers Step Up -

At the sound of a museum in serious distress, the community has rallied and many fine people stepped forward to donate their time to the new board, as volunteer workers or to donate money to help pay for essentials like fuel to keep the lights and heat on in the museum. Plans are to open as usual in the spring. In the meantime the new board and volunteers have gone to work to spruce up the museum in anticipation of a bumper crop of tourists this summer. Everything from the outside railway to the inside displays will be given a once over and the freight shed is expected to be back and available for community functions again this year.

If you would like to donate time, money or material, please head over to our donation pages (on the menu on the left side of this page) and give the museum your support.

Welcome to the Memory Lane Railway Museum in Middleton, Nova Scotia. We are pleased to bring you a virtual taste of what our extensive Dominion Atlantic Railway collection in our museum is all about.

From the exhibits in our museum to our support DAR DPI site at http://www.dardpi.ca, you won't find a more complete reference and experience of what the Dominion Atlantic Railway was, and the influence it still holds today for Nova Scotia.

Please, feel free to wander and experience the D.A.R. and bygone days of railroading through our site and museum. Plan a visit soon! We'll be ready and waiting to serve you up some home-town hospitality as you browse through our extensive collection in the museum.

We are also pleased to inform you that we also have a Facebook group for you to join in and add your recollections of the railway too, or just come to read other's comments. Click here to go there!